Subscription offer codes are uniquely named custom codes that provide auto-renewable subscriptions at a discounted price for a specific duration. These custom offer codes are only available on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later and can only be redeemed from within Articulation Station Hive.

A wifi internet connection is needed to redeem offer codes.

Step 1.
Download Articulation Station Hive from the App Store on your iPad, iPhone or silicon Mac.


Step 2.
Open the app and tap "I'd like to try it FREE".


Step 3.
Enter your email then tap "Get Started".


Step 4.
Tap "Redeem Code" (located under the yellow Subscribe button.)


Step 5.
Enter your code then tap "Redeem".


Step 6.
Tap "Redeem Offer" on the offer details screen.


Step 7.
Tap "Redeem" on the App Store pop up.


Step 8.
Sign in with your Apple ID if prompted.


Step 9.
Success! Tap "Open Articulation Station Hive".


Step 10.
Create your Little Bee Hive account and enjoy all the amazing benefits of using Articulation Station Hive!